10 Things Rob Dyrdek Has Already Done This Season On ‘Fantasy Factory’

Season 5 of “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” just started and it’s already clear that this season is bigger and more ridiculous than ever. Already pro skater/aspiring daredevil/MTV stalwart Dyrdek has executed a car stunt that’s only been done by four people before him, started a burrito business and filmed a rap video.

By the way, that’s his job. There’s a reason it’s called “Fantasy Factory.” Rest assured, whether you’re in school or at work, whatever you’re doing right now, Rob Dyrdek is doing something a lot cooler. And that should give you hope. Hope that one day, you, too, can break free from the rat race. But until that happens, you get to live vicariously through Rob. So check out 10 things Rob’s done this season that will make you want to watch “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.” Be sure to tune in to new episodes Monday nights at 10p/9c on MTV for your stunt and prank fix.

1. Dyrdek kickflipped a car over a giant skateboard (so meta!).

2.  Shot burritos out of a T-shirt cannon…in his office. What did you do at work today?

3. Had his staffer get run over by a bull named Murder.

4. Made fun of the pasty Big Cat by having his whole staff dress up as him and paint themselves white.

5. Drove a go-kart into “Jackass” stars Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius.

6. Wore a ghillie suit while shooting paintballs at his staff.

7. Briefly became a falconer.

8. Made a music video while wearing a fatsuit as his rapping alter ego Blobby Light.

9. Drove a giant black dong-car.

10. Crashed a bulldozer in the office.

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