Breaking Babe: Don Draper’s New Wife In ‘Mad Men’ Jessica Paré

Courtesy of AMC

Mad Men” returned last night, and in addition to watching our favorite womanizing band of stylish alcoholic racists, we got to see more of Don’s lady Megan. A LOT more. This is a good thing.

Canadian actress Jessica Paré isn’t a household name , but will be soon after her portrayal of Don’s new wife last night. After giving a smoldering burlesque performance (singing in French = insta-chub), she introduced the world to housecleaning in your underwear, which ended in angry floor sex. Not exactly how things play out when our cleaning lady comes around. Again, this is a good thing.

But perhaps the ’60s just don’t do it for you. We get that. Well, good news: Pare can also do the ’80s! She was in “Hot Tub Time Machine,” topless (ah, now we get why Don Draper married her). In fact, she’s been doing topless scenes since “Stardom” in 2000 and a full-on lesbian love scene in 20o1’s “Lost and Delirious.” We love French Canadians! Check out the screencaps of our new favorite Canadian below. (Sorry, Bryan Adams).

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