Wrestling Rehash: Please Shut Up Kane!

Credit: WWE.com

We’re less than two weeks away from “Wrestlemania” and the only thing we’re wondering is why is Kane still allowed to speak. Sure, there are some other pretty important things going on in the WWE, but that damn Kane needs to shut his trap! Meanwhile, we wonder aloud what happened to the The Miz‘ career and applaud the drama between Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker.

The Good: The Undertaker, Triple H & Shawn Michaels Love Hate Triangle

Credit: WWE.com

Even though the main event for “Wrestlemania” is clearly The Rock vs. John Cena, the rematch between Undertaker and Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee in a Hell in a Cell match has been stealing the show as of late. Although most believe that there is no way that Undertaker’s streak will end at the hands of HHH, the insertion of Shawn Michaels as the referee has brought an added element of drama to the match. Their recent exchange on “Raw” where Undertaker told HHH that Shawn Michaels was better than him was gold and we’re starting to become more enthused about their match rather than the main event. Go figure.

The Bad: Miz Still Without A Wrestlemania Opponent

Credit: WWE.com

How does last year’s “Wrestlemania” headliner go from champ to chump in twelve months? Hell if we know. Maybe it has something to do with Miz completely blowing a spot with R-Truth a month ago that saw Truth narrowly avoid serious injury. But It’s kind of lame that Miz has fallen from grace faster than Tim Tebow in Denver. The former WWE champ has become a mid-level jobber who still shows flashes of brilliance in the ring and on the mic. Unfortunately, the WWE brass has opted to pretty much bury Miz and have him look like a meandering fool who can’t win a match. Meanwhile our next entry still gets to be in big matches…

The Ugly: Kane Is Still Allowed To Talk?

While Miz struggles to find a “Wrestlemania” opponent, Kane somehow stays in the picture by going from John Cena to Randy Orton with some of the most awfully awful promos cut in recent memory. It was cool when Kane didn’t say anything and just beat fools up. Now he talks far too much and makes very little sense. His nonsensical beef with Randy Orton is mindbogglingly silly. Apparently, Kane is all pissed at himself for shaking Orton’s hand last year and now wants to embrace the hate or some nonsense like that. Hell, we don’t know what’s going on. We just hope it all ends soon. What did Randy Orton do to deserve this anyway?

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