Rubbernecker: Fame Is In The Car Of The Beholder

Comedian Tom Sibley created the popular blog Subway Douchery, which makes fun of subway dimwits. Now he lives in subway-deficient Los Angeles and must mock people on the roads as Rubbernecker.

If you can’t see your name in lights, you can always paint it on the side of your car! The entertainment business is notoriously difficult to break into so you have to be creative. Some people do it with a clever YouTube video, some do it with a hilarious blog on MTV Clutch, and others turn their cars into makeshift needy transformers of self promotion. Independent film has been waiting for a novelty car with zero visibility that is almost certainly not street legal.

And now, Rubbernecker’s Top 3 scenarios where we’d love to see this car:

1. Funeral precession – “You know I’m really gonna miss Mike but… someone write that website down because independent film always cheers me up!”

2. Fast food drive thru after midnight – “Would you like some ketch up, sir? Also, how’s the movie business treatin’ ya?”, the drive thru attendant then stifled a laugh.

3. Used car lot – “As you can see, the previous owner was a filmmaker…”

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