Clutch Cuts: Sexy Disney Cartoons In Real Life, And More

Credit: jirkavinse

Clutch Cuts is our morning edition of the best of the web, a diversion from work or something to get you through those hazy minutes between waking up and actually doing something productive. You’ll find viral videos, sports, music, ladies, weirdness and miscellaneous nonsense.

Above: Now you don’t have to feel weird about being attracted to a cartoon. (BuzzFeed)

Rangers and Devils get into three fights off the opening face-off

“We have a lot of cameras and we’re gonna need them.” This rules!

Jessica Burciaga’s Sexy Twitpics

Credit: Complex

One of Playboy Playmate¬†Jessica Burciaga’s sexiest Twitpics. If you’re on Twitter and you don’t yet follow Jessica, you know what to do.

‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory’ gloriously returned last night

And at some point this season, this will happen:

Highlights from the Ice Cross Downhill Finals from the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships

Canadian Kyle Croxall secured the championship with a second place finish in Quebec.

9-month-old twins dancing and trying to get the beat back

If the Kardashians can have a reality show, so can these hysterical, dance-happy twins. (Daily What)

Just because

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