Today’s Badass: Kitten Goes HAM On Puppy [VIDEO]

It’s a rivalry as old as time itself, and everyone on Earth falls on one side of this eternal struggle: There are cat people, and there are dog people. Well, dog people, you’ve been dealt a crushing blow today, based on this video that came to us from Buzzfeed.

A Chihuahua and a kitten, supposedly the same age, duked it out to once and for all decide which species reigns supreme. With the fate of the entire animal kingdom in the balance, the two adorable spazoid Tasmanian devils grapple and swipe paws like warriors in a giggle-filled Thunderdome.

It’s nonstop action (save for a quick break in which the contenders smell each others’ b-holes), as the cuddly wuddly little scamps fight for the pride of their fellow species. So check out the epic war between canine and feline below, where two fuzzy internet-baiting pets enter and fuzzy one internet-baiting pet leaves.

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