MTV Clutch Tests New iPhone App ‘Straight Thug’

Instagram, Hipstamatic, ShakeItPhoto Filterstorm…the list goes on and on. There are too many photo apps for your iPhone. How many different vintage-looking photo filters does one person need? We get it, that’s what you’d look like if your great-grandma took your photo.

Just when we decided to give up on new photo apps, Straight Thug came along and changed our minds. ST allows you to turn friends into rappers with static and animated “hookups.” Sure, we don’t have enough money to make it rain, but we can put animated money all over our photos with Straight Thug. From sunglasses to pimp cups, barking Rottweilers to bouncing low-riders, exploding grenades to smoking cigars, there are dozens of choices to make you look much tougher than you are. To prove it, we took photos of our freelance writers and fellow staff members at MTV and thugged them out below. Now we just need to start rap careers so we can use these as album covers.

Jim Tews aka MC Anxious

Rebecca Brown aka Mi$tre$$ I-Patch

Craig Goldstein aka Killa G

Andreas Hale aka Beast Masta

Gusto‘s Dog aka Lord Doggy Style

Brett Smiley aka Ol’ Dirty Dependable

Fallon Prinzivalli aka Princess Cybernetic Tigress

Jon Ward aka 2 Watchez

Kathy Iandoli aka Bawsalina Jolie

Lisa Chudnofsky aka Queen Chudz

Ivette Thomas aka Internimal Velocity

Matthew Donnelly aka Reality Poet

RG Daniels aka Straight RGD

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