Peyton Manning Is The New Tim Tebow

That is a title we never thought we’d write. Peyton Manning is the new Tim Tebow. Despite Tebow becoming a Christ figure in Denver last season and leading the Broncos to the second round of the playoffs, John Elway and homies have courted and landed former Indianapolis Colt great, Peyton Manning. What happens to Tebow now? There is a chance Denverites rise up, burn down Mile High stadium and Tebow makes another stadium rise from the ashes that doesn’t include Elway in his executive box. Yes, we’re mixing Bible stories with Greek mythology, but you get the point.

More likely is Tebow gets traded (Andy Reid is probably licking his chops at the challenge) and Manning wins over the Denver fans. After all, he’s Peyton “F***ing” Manning and he’s been saving bad Indianapolis Colts teams since Tebow was in homeschooling. Once Manning makes Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker look like Pro Bowl receivers, Denver locals with start “Manning-ing,” which is to look into the camera with an annoyed/perplexed expression because everyone around you sucks so hard.

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