Breaking Babe: Bracket Busting With Kaylee Hartung

Credit: Twitter

So you’re stuck at work as March Madness kicks off. Sure, the option to live stream games has improved that predicament immensely, but it’s still pretty terrible. You could be in your gym shorts crushing a few beers, screaming at your TV and making terrible gambling decisions. Instead, you’re stuck in a cubicle with a bunch of people you hate and trying to secretly watch games in between pauses for buffering.

But we have your silver lining: CBS Sports Network’s Kaylee Hartung. Last year Kaylee served as a reporter for CBS’s and Turner’s online coverage of the NCAA tournament, which means all you guys checking on scores at work are in for a treat. Advantage: dude at work. That is the only time that statement has been uttered about someone who is not a Playboy photographer.

And just so you know, Kaylee is also a political reporter for CBS News, so she’s got brains…sexy, sexy brains. Join us in fawning over Kaylee’s press credentials below.

Credit: Twitpic

Credit: Twitpic

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