The Many Rounded Faces Of Jonah Hill [Photos]

The purpose of this exercise is not to point that for the majority of his movie career, Jonah Hill has been fat. We don’t know what the actor’s dealing with or if he has any desire to be slim-and-trim — as he is in “21 Jump Street,” which opens this weekend — or if he’s content with his figure. “You just gotta live your life,” he told Esquire. “I’m happy with myself.”

Fair enough. But we were very surprised to see how only a few months after the movie was filmed, Hill appears to have gained back a lot of the 40 pounds he shed for the film. “I was thin in high school and then I gained weight,” he said. “I went to a nutritionist. I learned for the first time about what things are healthy to eat, basically.” Hill then rattled off a few of his favorite spots to grub in L.A., which tells us that maybe the guy just loves to eat food and doesn’t give a s*** what anyone else thinks about it. Maybe it’s a body image lesson for everyone. Now take a tour through the hilarious actor’s career and see how his face has expanded and narrowed and expanded and narrowed.

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