20 WTF Photos On Google Maps Street Views

How many times have you gone to Google Maps to get directions? How many times have you clicked the Google street view and seen something weird and hilarious? We do it every chance we get!

You want to see the world? C’mon, we’ll take you. Well, via the Google Street View camera truck, we’ll take you. Google Maps with Street View lets you explore streets across the world through 360-degree street-level imagery. You can see restaurants, visit neighborhoods or plan your next trip. You can also see drunk people, naked people, people committing crimes and drunk naked people committing crimes. It blows our minds how many crazy moments the Google camera truck has captured.

After we’re done with you, you won’t be singing “What a Wonderful world”…you’ll be singing “What a Weird World full of drunk naked criminals on the loose.” But we promise your trip will be interesting! Bon Voyage! Bon Voyeur!

1. Girl Gone Wild!

2. Who Will Be Lord of the Nerds?

3. Police vs. Nudists

4. Wayne and Garth lost “The Mirthmobile

5. C-3PO’s family on holiday

6. The Light Side of the Moon

7. Mr. World-Is-My-Toilet

8. Ms. World-Is-My-Toilet

9. ‘Y’all need to hide yo kids, yo wife and yo husband

10. The Mysterious Horseman

11. Old Skeletor on his way to kill Old He-Man

12. Did he get her at the meat market?

13. The Toilet Paper Caper

14. We can’t even begin to understand…

15. Illiteracy strikes bus riders

16. Hottest Walk of Shame Ever

17. Auditioning for ‘Jackass’?

18. Lil Miss Amber Alert

19. There better be a gun store nearby

20. Doesn’t Google have a CSI Unit?

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