Today’s Badass: Girl Scouts Fight For Right To Sell Cookies

Credit: Getty Images

Caitlin and Abigail Mills have made a killing selling Girl Scout Cookies from their driveway in Hazlewood, Missouri, for each of the last six years. But this year Hazlewood officials lived out their Eliot Ness fantasies and shut down their cookie stand for “violating city ordinances.”

What’s next? FDA approval for the beverages you’re selling at your lemonade stand? A trade commission sign-off on your magazine subscription fundraiser? Before your field trip to Colonial Williamsburg you need to get the permission slip notarized?  This is an egregious abuse of power that would make George Orwell shiver!

Before their little operation was crushed by the iron fist of an unfeeling government, the Mills sisters sold roughly 1,700 boxes this cookie season (the best season). Hmm, sounds to me like a member of the rival troop has a parent in the Hazleton city council. Collusion!

Luckily, we have these two Brownie badasses fighting the good fight. The Huffington Post says a judge will hear arguments on the Scouts’ constitutional rights to sell the cookies. Caitlin and Abigail, you are putting up exactly the kind of impassioned fight for liberty that Patrick Henry envisioned when he said “give me Tagalongs or give me death.”

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