Clutch Cuts: Jennifer Lawrence, Travis Barker’s Tattooed Dome And ‘Awareness 2012′

Credit: Esquire

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Above: Clutch favorite Jennifer Lawrence, one of the stars of soon-to-be box office giant “The Hunger Games.” (Esquire)

Oh, yes he did

Travis Barker got a headpiece honoring his band, Transplants. (ONTD)

Credit: ONTD

The inevitable response video parodying Kony 2012

Awareness 2012, raising awareness for the unaware about awareness. (BroBible/NSFW language)

Zombie Mario and Princess Peach

Mario looks rough but the end of days was even harsher to Peach. (Geek Art)

Credit: Amanda Dockery/Geek Art

10 videos of people who train but aren’t cut out to be fighters

This teeters between hysterical and sad but ultimately back to hysterical. (Cage Potato)

Randy Moss is back in the NFL…with the 49ers

He and Vernon Davis will get along just fine, right? Right? (Yahoo!)

Elsewhere, Chad Ochocinco took 200 strangers out to dinner in Harlem. (NY Post)

Credit: Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Just because

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