20 People Dancing Like Nobody’s Watching GIFs

Sometimes the spirit of dance grabs a person by the proverbial balls and refuses to let go. These moments of unabashed dancing joy have produced great cinema moments, excellent material for ripping on a friend and brilliant YouTube videos.

Regardless of a person’s dancing abilities, you’ve got to respect someone who dances like nobody’s watching. It’s the ultimate “I don’t give a s***” what you think–I’m just here, dancing, love it or hate it.” Some confident souls dance like everybody’s watching even while people are watching, and they deserve credit too. We collected and created 20 GIFs dancing like nobody’s watching/dancing alone moments below of all different styles, from the meme-inspired celebrity to random Joes gyrating for a web cam to one guy dancing like nobody’s watching throughout a mall even though one old man is very clearly not amused.

Dancing alone in formal wear

Dancing alone in Best Buy

Dancing alone to Pony

Dancing because it’s not unusual

Dancing in rainbow boots

Dancing alone on the boardwalk

Dancing alone at a party

Dancing alone in an ’80s movie

Dancing alone in an ’80s movie, Part II

Dancing alone in a mall

Superhero dancing alone

Dancing alone with duck face

When a dog dances alone

Fist-pumping alone with no shirt

Wacky hands while little brother makes a cameo

Riding the horse alone

The First Lady rarely gets to shuffle alone

Dancing alone in pajamas

Old guys dancing outside like nobody’s watching

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