Clutch Cuts: Nicole Michelle, March Madness And Spanish-Singing Will Ferrell

Credit: Megan Mahaney

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Above: Our friends at GuySpeed will introduce you Nicole Michelle, a model who’s pretty easy on the eyes and has two first names.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Selection Sunday makes way today for Print Out Your Bracket And Win The Pool Monday, when everyone, including the cat lady, becomes a college b-ball expert. The one seeds are Kentucky (number one overall), Syracuse, Michigan State and North Carolina. Click here for a tournament rundown and here for some analysis and here if you just want to see the full bracket. When March Madness whittles down to the Sweet Sixteen next week, MTV Clutch will be rolling out video where we will turn to some unlikely, highly knowledgable sources to pick the remainder of the tournament for a prize. Stay tuned.

Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Watch Will Ferrell perform “Yo No Se” from the movie “Casa De Mi Padre

Adrian Martinez really kills it on the bass. (ForD)

T.O. gets T. Owned in Indoor Football League game

But to be fair, it’s easy to get “owned” against low boards. (PFT)

White guy dance moves

With unnecessary facts and figures, but it’s still a good shot at the dancing-challenged. (Pleated Jeans)


Gallery: 12 GIFs of MMA referees being awesome and/or terrible

You’ve got to respect the brilliant instinct of the double knockout ref. (Cage Potato)

Just because

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