Talking ‘Breakfast’ The Album And Breakfast The Meal With Chiddy Bang

Credit: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

If you didn’t know better, you’d think the guys in Philly hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang are 300 pounds each. Their new album is named Breakfast, they have mixtapes named Peanut Butter and Swelly and Grab A Plate and they insist their label buys them breakfast anywhere they go. Were their heroes The Fat Boys growing up?

Lucky for fans, Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege and Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin are both at healthy weights. Their career is more than healthy, as their recent single “Handclaps & Guitars” was iTunes featured Single Of The Week two weeks ago and it’s been on a loop for us ever since.

MTV Clutch sat down with the guys to talk Breakfast, breakfast and their dream collaborations. Along with 2 Chainz and Kanye West, the guys say E-40 is on their list.

“He makes up words like hobosauce,” Noah says. “Like, what is that?”

But the guys aren’t strangers to made up words. They coined “swelly.”

“Swelly is anything that’s cool or dope,” Chidera explains. “In our context, not being scared to be ourselves. Anything that we do we try to have fun with it, and I think that’s why we’ve been able to progress so far.”

For more on food and hip-hop, watch the following video.

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