Beef Alert: Jose Canseco Twitter Taunts Shaquille O’Neal

Credit: Getty Images

Way back in November, Jose Canseco was gearing up for a boxing match against fellow MLB retiree Lenny Dykstra. Mr. Dykstra ended up bailing on the bout, but Shaq decided he’d be the perfect candidate to fill in. He reached out to UFC President Dana White via Twitter, saying, “What up Dana white I wanna fight jose conseco [sic] hook it up”

Dana didn’t seem to take the offer seriously and a bout was never arranged, but Canseco considered it a valid challenge. Fast-forward to March and it seems the thought of going head to head with Kazaam is still on Canseco’s mind. As Buzzfeed pointed out earlier today, Canseco is calling out Shaq via Twitter months later.

Canseco started out with a few poorly worded, gentle taunts like “hug for you,” and “where are u I’m coming home. still wanna dance? lets hook up.” The tweets ramped up to more blatant, beef-inspring calls to action, though still written in teenage girl text message language: “why are you dodging me i promise i won’t hurt you 2 bad and wont use the forearm bash you will stay pretty for tnt,” then added “shaqie poo where are you.”

When one of Canseco’s followers asked if he planned to take the fight to the street, or if he was hoping for something sanctioned, the former ball player wrote back, “mma ground and pound the big fella thought he was a man or his word.”

No word from Shaq as of yet, but based simply on size, we’d have to put our money on Shaq. The only way Canseco would have a shot is if he spent the four months it took to respond guzzling creatine and hitting the gym.

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