9 Athletes Who Sucked On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [GIFs]

Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver and 18-time Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova are the latest pro athletes to succumb to the magnetic pull of “Dancing With The Stars.” The expectations for these two are extremely high, as athletes have grooved their way to six titles and four second-place finishes in the show’s 13 seasons. It makes sense, since they’re freakish physical specimens with staggering levels of coordination and balance who have perfected practice and repetition.

However, some of these jocks bomb spectacularly and those are the contestants we’re focusing on today. If they’re training to dance every day, these experienced competitors have no business sucking. And yet, here are nine who tore it up in the sports world only to come out with two left feet.

Evander Holyfield–Season 1

With every grimacing twitch, Evander Holyfield looked like he was reliving the Mike Tyson ear-bites. As the second contestant eliminated in the first season, he set the low bar for athletes on the show.

We call this move: The TKO

Clyde Drexler–Season 4

Clyde Drexler‘s nickname “The Glide” has been officially revoked. That “just happy to be here” grin was only endearing enough to keep him out of the bottom three. After that, his run ended.

We call this move: The Gangly Grinning Glide

Floyd Mayweather Jr.—Season 5

So yeah, that happened. The feisty Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the fourth dancer eliminated, giving him plenty of time to not fight Manny Pacquiao and write borderline-racist tweets.

We call this move: Crotch-boxing

Monica Seles–Season 6

Despite looking like she aged in reverse, Monica Seles committed enough foot fouls to finish as the second-worst contestant on her season. Which meant she didn’t have to worry about any crazed, stabby fans storming the dance floor.

We call this move: Pushing the Benjamin Button

Misty May-Treanor–Season 7

Beach volleyball star Misty May-Treanor tore her Achilles tendon during a “DWTS” rehearsal, which taught her a valuable lesson: Hardwood is harder than sand. She was the fourth dancer to depart, which seems to be the magic number for athletes on this show.

We call this move: The Bad Career Choice

Lawrence Taylor–Season 8

If it were the coked-out early ’90s LT, we bet he goes to the finals (which he wouldn’t even remember) instead of finishing seventh.

We call this move: The Slammer Shuffle

Chuck Liddell–Season 9

We don’t really wanna go on record insulting Mr. Liddell, sooo…he looks like a veritable Fred Astaire from where we’re sitting! An 11th place finish? Poppycock!

We call this move: The Titanic

Sugar Ray Leonard–Season 12

After Sugar Ray finished in the bottom three, it was like, alright we GET IT, fighters are horrible dancers. Can you please stop casting them on your show, now?

We call this move: The Sugar Skip

Metta World Peace–Season 13

On Sept. 16, 2011, Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace. Four days later, The Sprinkler Formerly Known As Ron Artest was the first to get the ax last season. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

We call this move: The Metta-tation

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