Clutch Cuts: Cris Urena, Anchor A-Hole And Derrick Rose’s Winning Shot

Credit: Guyism

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Above: Victoria’s Secret model Cris Urena.

Derrick Rose’s buzzer beater last night

Anchors Away

“I believe that I was intrigued by the machinery, and curious to see if I could operate it,” says the guy who got drunk and dropped the 18-ton anchor on a cruise ship carrying 1,600 people. That’ll cost him two months in prison.

Credit: Holland America

Hey DJ!

The best DJing apps.

“Daily Show” Boss vs. The Boss

Jon Stewart interviewed Bruce Springsteen for Rolling Stone.

Courtesty of Sacha Lecca/Rolling Stone

How a dog’s brain works

We’ll forgive them for ignoring a dog’s sense of smell because this made us laugh.

Credit: cheezburger

Alistair Overeem is sexy and he knows it

Check out the Cage Potato video tribute: 11 music videos featuring MMA fighters.

No vision, no problem

Surfer Derek Rabelo from Brazil is blind, so he relies on other senses, including his sense of awesomeness.

10 gorgeous women that got “ugly” for a movie

Gwyneth Paltrow’s personality has been a constant.

Credit: Guyspeed

An important message from Carnegie Hall

Jay-Z’s Public Service Announcement.

Just because

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