Rubbernecker: Here’s Looking At You, Demon

Comedian Tom Sibley created the popular blog Subway Douchery, which makes fun of subway dimwits. Now he lives in subway-deficient Los Angeles and must mock people on the roads as Rubbernecker.

I’m a simple man. I like my car to get me from Point A to point B as comfortably as possible with the radio playing loud. Rarely have I looked out my back window and thought, “Sure, I can see out but it’s just so plain. Why can’t it be more TERRIFYING?!?” I tend to like my view to be as unobstructed as possible so I don’t, say, cause a horrific accident. But that’s just me, I can be a real party pooper. Apparently in the great state of Pennsylvania, aesthetic counts for more than basic visibility.

Pictured above, we have the rear window of a pickup truck (big surprise there!) completely covered with some kind of demon that is…well…demonically gazing at all the cars with the misfortune of driving behind this truck. Best part? The demon has its hands eagerly pressed against the glass. As if to say, “Let me at ‘em! I vant to gobble up ze souls of all ze autos behind us!” Yes, the demon speaks in a German Dracula accent as I imagine most demons do. We here at Rubbernecker applaud the driver for let their freak flag fly but scold them for reducing their blind spot visibility!

Today’s picture was sent our way via Twitter by the lovely @iamqueenfal. Want Tom to mock a photo you took? Tweet it to @TheTomSibley or @MTVClutch.