17 GIFs That Look Like They’re Fapping

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We’re voyaging into slightly distasteful territory (but still humorous) with this, the latest in our series of animated GIFs showing people in awkward/aggrieved/awesome and so on situations. An animated GIF is the perfect medium for reliving certain moments that are so fascinating or disturbing that they require repeated attention to be appreciated or fully understood.

Just what is Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum doing in the above GIF? Well, he’s probably not fapping or miming it (a Catholic sin), but absent context, we don’t really know and can’t remember. So that’s what’s going on here–a gallery of people who look like they’re masturbating, beating the monkey, slamming the ham, whacking off…you get the idea. From presidential candidates to cartoons to athletes to entertainers–no one is free from getting captured on camera make a vigorous arm and hand gesture that looks like something it’s not. Now take a look.

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