Clutch Cuts: Audrina And Brittney With Lollipops

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Audrina Patridge vs. Brittney Palmer in Battle Lolli Sucking Cleavetastic Vegas Pimpstress.

Case closed on the mysterious, disembodied feet washed ashore story. Everyone’s favorite 1980s New York Met who became a lowlife, Lenny Dykstra, got sentenced to three years in jail for grand theft auto and providing a false financial statement. Who said it: Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns? (And when you’re done with that quiz, take our quiz, Who Said It? Republican Politician Or Famous Rapper?

All aboard the Crunk tour bus

Check out Complex’s 20 most ridiculous tour buses, not the least of which is Pitbull‘s sugary 2010 ride.

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You’ve met Felix Baumgartner before, haven’t you?

He’s the guy who holds world records in skydiving and BASE jumping who will be falling from the edge of space back to Earth this year…in a high-tech parachute.

The very best of peer pressure, crash diets, adoption, abortion, sex abuse (and more!) from sitcom television

The 50 best “very best” episodes.

Fresh Prince In Paris–“N***as In Paris” Parody

We mostly prefer the grainy, ’90s, Will Smith-infused video over the strobe light/kaleidoscope from the original.

10 crazy confusing traffic signs

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Just because

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