16 Coolest Rapper Action Figures And Hip-Hop Toys

Credit: GameRevolution.com

You’re never too old to enjoy toys. We don’t mean adult toys. We’re talking about toys and action figures that people of all ages tend to collect, and um, play with…or display in its original casing, like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”  Hip-hop made the connection between rappers and toys pretty early on, and before you know it, rappers had toy deals to accompany their record deals.

It’s still a recurring thing, with some mainstream rappers releasing action figures just last year. So to provide you with some more items to spend money on, here’s a little trip through the history of hip-hop toys, with 16 figurines inspired by rappers. Collect them, play with them, do whatever you want with them. Well, not whatever you want.

De La Soul

Credit: KidRobot.com

Kanye West

Credit: MerchDoneRight.com


Credit: Getty Images

Nicki Minaj

Credit: Courtesy of Mattel

Flavor Flav

Credit: Zoice.com

Chuck D

Credit: Zoice.com

Ghostface Killah

Credit: ShopTradition.com


Credit: Beastiemania.com

Notorious B.I.G.

Credit: Amazon.com

Tupac Shakur

Credit: GeekModeOnline.com

Master P

Credit: Maxriffner.com

Snoop Dogg

Credit: DJSymphony.com

MF Doom/MadVillain

Credit: ToyNoize.com

Biz Markie

Credit: DailyFiasco.com

Beastie Boys

Credit: BeastieBoys.com

Rick Ross

Credit: TheBoombox.com

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