Clutch Cuts: Freida Pinto, Nerdiest Meth King And Unemployed Hines Ward

Photo: Esquire

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Freida Pinto for Esquire. You will NOT believe who Lisa Simpson ends up with in this 35-frame comic/series of Simpsons greeting cards. The news out of Pittsburgh is Steelers all-time leading receiver Hines Ward won’t be back in black and yellow. The “nerdiest meth king” spent his fortune on 18,753 comic books. Want to buy Michael Jordan‘s home? You can at least take a look.

“Waldo The Movie” (Official Trailer)

He’s not where you think he is.

Make your bathroom experience better

And take your pooping to the next level.

Photo: Holytaco

T.I. announces signing of Trae The Truth to Grand Hustle Records

T.I. also becomes the first rapper to sport a Miami Marlins hat.

Unusual animal friendships

We wouldn’t have guessed that the tiger would be the little spoon.

Just because

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