The Check-In: Celebrity Game All-Star And Rap Legend Common

Yeah, we know, NBA All-Star Weekend is over. But why should this awesomeness stop? MTV Clutch’s The Check-In is going all out with a Post-NBA All-Star Weekend Week Wrap-Up. And it’s the only place where you can get LaMarcus Aldridge to talk about p’zones and Kyrie Irving to give his thoughts on New York groupies.

For this iteration, hosts Eric and Jeff Rosenthal chatted with rapper/actor Common, fresh off the first season of “Hell On Wheels.” The Chicago native is a big-time Bulls fan, but while Kanye and Jay-Z talk about balling so hard, Common’s credo is closer to “bald so hard.”

And since he’s a politically active rapper, it was only natural to get his take on why it’s so important to get off your ass and go out there and VOTE, dammit.

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