J.Lo’s And Nicki Minaj’s Sneaky Sunday Nip-Slips

Credit: ABC; TNT

Jennifer Lopez‘s ass is just SO jealous right now, because after her Oscars appearance all anyone’s talking about is her left nipple, which apparently couldn’t handle these years of neglect and had to sneak out and steal some attention from that legendary backside. Or, at least we think that’s what happened. Was it the outer edge of her areola or did J.Lo’s nip merely see its shadow and stay tucked in? You be the judge.

Credit: ABC

Also, a side note: within minutes of the J.Lo nipple controversy, the Twitter account @JLosNipple was created. The magic of the Internet will never cease to amaze.

Meanwhile, at the NBA All-Star Game, Nicki Minaj reenacted that Wallflowers song “One Headlight.”

Credit: TNT

This one is clearly a nipple, no bones about it (many bones about it). By the way, when it comes to television appearances, Minaj’s left nipple is an old pro at this point.

As men, we always wonder how those wondrous protuberances don’t pop out more often. Either ladies have gotten a little lazy with their nipple-hidin’, or we’re in the midst of the Great Nipple Resistance. Either way, it’s a win for us.

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