Clutch Cuts: Sofia Vergara, Blake GIFin Dunks And Epic Fat Guys

Photo: Maxim

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The first half of the NBA season that almost didn’t happen is over. But that’s cool, because the dunk contest is almost here, and that means…

Blake Griffin’s best dunks of the NBA Season so far

BuzzFeed put them together, and they’re the kind that go back-and-forth, back-and-forth rather than looping, so you can see in both directions, not just one, just how badly he humiliated Kendrick Perkins and others.

Cleveland Ballin’, proving that everything is relative, especially if you live in Cleveland, Ohio

The past and future of famous logos

Photo: Stocklogos via BoredPanda

Hungry Hungry!!!!!!!

Via Reddit

Ranker put together the 30 most epic fat guys in the history of the internet

Notice that we’re also following internet rule #139 here too–post this photo WHENEVER possible:

Credit: Ranker

Last but largest and most violent, to whet your appetite for UFC 144 tomorrow, Rampage Jackson walks and talks through the streets of Tokyo with MMAFighting‘s Ariel Helwani

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