15 Out-Of-This-World UFO Tattoos

Credit: tattooan, ratemyink

Although we actually know a scant amount about UFOs, that hasn’t prevented mere humans from devoting scores of books, movies, museums and even tattoos to the enigmatic flying objects. (Although if we knew a lot about UFOs, they would just be called “flying objects.”) Our lack of information leaves a lot of room for interpretations of these mystical alien ships. Have a look at our favorite body art takes on these spacecrafts. Be forewarned, the aliens in many of these depictions seem to be abducting an earthling, either for torture or to attend some cool space party.

Credit: ferntattoos

Credit: tattoos99

Credit: offthemaptattoo

Credit: ratemyink

Credit: tattoo22

Credit: about

Credit: tattooartists

Credit: nomoregalleries

Credit: tattoosbydesign

Credit: goldentouchtattoo

Credit: tattooconventionsnow

Credit: ustattoostudios

Credit: evilmongo

Credit: tattooan

Credit: lastsparrowtattoo

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