Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Cool Gadgets For Guys

Hell, here it is again, Valentine’s Day. Ladies, MTV Clutch may be a blog for guys, but we understand your realistic expectations for tomorrow. You’re expecting stale drugstore chocolates as a gift or for him to forget all together. But what if this is the year he pulls through and kills it? How awkward will it be if he gives you an expensive, well-thought-out gift and you give him thermal socks? Or a sweatband (as a hint to start jogging)? That means he’ll have the “upper guilt hand” on you and there’s no telling how he’ll wield it.

To help out you ladies (and in turn your men), MTV Clutch has put together a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift guide on tech gadgets that guys will love.

For The Speed Demon

ESCORT SmartCord Live Bundle ($100)
Everyone wants to avoid John Q. Lawman while making an innocent 3 a.m. run to White Castle. That’s what makes the SmartCord Live Bundle from Escort so awesome. Acting like a social network for fellow speed demons, it helps to locate speed traps in your area from existing Escort radar detectors on the road. It creates a real time database in the “Cloud” that when used properly will help you to slow your ass down. Available in Android and iOS flavors.

For The Adventurer

HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition ($300)
No longer do guys have to convince leery co-workers on Monday that he climbed Mt. Hood last weekend in old jeans and flip-flops. The HERO2 outdoor edition from GOPRO gives any adventurer the proof he needs. Tucked inside a waterproof shell, HERO2 shoots your adventures in 1080p HD, captures still shots at 10 per second and mounts almost anywhere with the provided straps and clamps. Do us a favor, though; as much as we enjoy hearing from readers, don’t send us any of your “special” weekend adventures footage.

For The Long-Distance Boyfriend

Biscotti TV Phone ($200)

Healthy relationships are based on communication…at least, that’s what we think our girlfriends said. The Biscotti may not solve a man’s ability to open up, but it’ll make it easier for couples to communicate across the world. Plug the device into your TV using an HDMI cable, grab the included remote and there the person is appearing in full HD vision. There are no monthly fees and you’ll no longer have to crowd around a laptop screen.

For The Ultimate Tablet Couch Potato

Veyl ePillow Tablet Accessory ($16 to $30)
With the virtual sea of smartphone and gadget covers, cases and guards on the market, it was nice to come across the ePillow from our friends at Veyl products. While not best looking tablet holder on the market, the ePillow fits an iPad like a pair of stretch jeans on Kim Kardashian. It’s a slanket for your tablet.

For The No-Strings-Attached Guy

Logitech Mini Boombox speaker ($100)
We all know guys don’t like anything with strings attached. That includes speakers. The wire-less Logitech Mini Boombox pumps out the jams for such a compact package. Features such as a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connectivity, backlit touch controls and the ability to use the device as a speakerphone make it an easy travel companion too.

For The Photographer

Lytro Camera $400 (Blue/Graphite 8GB), $500 (Red Hot 16GB)
The Lytro Field Light Camera is one of the most unique cameras we’ve seen. It allows you to take photo with infinite focus capability. Trust us, we don’t know the science of it either, but the pictures that it takes kick ass. Simple to operate, it only has two buttons on it (one for shutter and one for power). Plus, if a guy is prone to getting drunk and losing things, the Lytro allows him to backup his photos in Cloud.

For The Guy Who Needs A Phone Upgrade

Nokia Lumia 900 ($100 with two-year contract)
The Lumia 900 with Windows OS will make owners of them “wireless pioneers.” It features 4G speeds, Carl Zeiss Optics, front facing camera for the budding photographer and a bigger screen than an iPhone. With this, a guy can be tech cool without joining the Mac cult.

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