Grading Vanilla Ice And 10 Other Rappers In Sketch Comedy Videos

Credit: E! Online

Vanilla Ice reinvented himself as an indie rocker for a recent sketch by “The Soup.” The video is a send-up of Lana Del Rey-types who try to craft indie cred, as well as hipsters and their love of obscure musical instruments and their ability to fold irony in on itself like a giant smirking origami swan. But mainly, the sketch treats us to necessary acoustic rock renditions of “Ice Ice Baby” and “Ninja Rap.”

All in all, Vanilla turned in a solid performance. But ‘Nilla isn’t the first rapper to try his hand at sketch comedy. Below, we’ve compiled 10 other skits featuring hip-hop stars and we graded their ability to channel their inner Will Ferrell. Read on to find out who has legit comedy chops and whose jokes are wack.

Snoop Dogg–“Snoop’s Crib” on “The Man Show”

Grade: C (Snoop doesn’t seem to be doing much acting here.)

Nas–“In The Shadows” on Funny or Die

Shadows with Nas from Nas

Grade: A+ (Nas creepily whispering about his phone-charging habits equals comedy gold.)

Big Boi–“Giving Up The Show” on “Chappelle’s Show”

Chappelles Show
Giving Up the Show
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Grade: A- (“We playin’ on the moon, bitch!”)

T-Pain–“I’m On A Boat” on “SNL”

Grade: A+ (The mermaid line alone cements this grade.)

Odd Future–“Odd Future Gets Signed” on Funny or Die

Odd Future Gets Signed from Odd Future

Grade: B- (Paul Scheer does the heavy lifting here. The OFWGKTA guys are mainly relegated to scowling, dropping F-bombs and breaking stuff. But they do so convincingly.)

Akon–“I Just Had Sex” on “SNL”

Grade: A (Like T-Pain, Akon absolutely nailed it in this Lonely Island short.)

Lil Jon: Terminal Bling

Lil Jon: Terminal Bling from Lil Jon

Grade: C+ Really, Dave Chappelle has already outdone Lil Jon with his impression of Lil Jon.

Nicki Minaj–“The Creep” on “SNL”

Grade: B (Solid rap, but Minaj looked too hot to be a “creep,” which is a good problem to have.)

Mos Def–“Racial Draft” on “Chappelle’s Show”

Chappelles Show
The Racial Draft
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Grade: A+ (Almost unrecognizable as Rondell.)

Common–“Dow Jones” on Funny or Die

“Dow Jones” starring Common from Common

Grade: B (About as much as you can expect from an extended stock market pun.)

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