‘Hilarious’ Louis C.K. Now Has Grammy To Prove It

Photo: LouisCK.net

Comedian, actor and unintentional inventor of the “Louie deal,” Louis C.K., is untouchable right now. Last night Hilarious took home the Grammy for Best Comedy Album, showing why the comedy category is greeted with fewer wincing chuckles (ironic!) than some other categories. In the process of shielding us from hearing the phrase “Grammy winner Kathy Griffin,” C.K. joins the ranks of George Carlin, Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Sam Kinison, Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, who all won Grammys for comedy. The difference, though, is that Louis did it while writing, editing, directing, and starring in a show so funny and honest it is elevated to the realm of high art. We can’t wait to see how he works this Grammy win into the next season of “Louie,” probably as some beautiful analogy for filthy sex.

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