Sam Spratt Talks Chestaches, Dating Art School Girls And Jay-Z’s Family Portrait

In January, MTV News interviewed artist Sam Spratt about the celebrity reaction to his digital paintings. His portraits, like the one above of Ron Swanson, went viral online to a degree where Rainn Wilson noticed and used Spratt’s portrait of Dwight Schrute as his Twitter profile picture. We here at MTV Clutch were so inspired by his work that we decided to create a photo gallery post and bless all of you with his artistry. When we contacted Spratt, he was nice enough to offer to answer some more of our own questions. Read on to learn about how women react to his profession, what he likes most and least about Brooklyn and how he’d style a family portrait for Jay-Z, Beyoncé and baby Blue Ivy. Also, see some of Sam’s portraits featuring Katy Perry, Adraina Lima, Rihanna, Kanye West and more.

How do women react when you first tell them you’re an artist?
On the surface, a range from “Oh, that’s neat” to “Paint me like one of your French Girls.” However, underneath I can only assume it is an intense explosion of pleasure, cold fusion, and raw, animalistic, lusty feelings of sex and patriotism. Well, that or, “Great, another s*** guy who isn’t Ryan Gosling or a doctor.”

We love Ron Swanson’s chest mustache! Are there any other celebs/characters that deserve chestaches or perhaps chest-beards, chest-goatees or facial hair on other body parts?
The chestache is one of a kind until someone comes along and steals the “most manly man in the man-o-verse” title from Nick Offerman.

Which of your art prints have sold best: Dwight, Kanye, Galifianakis or Ron Swanson?
Ron F***ing Swanson, by far. Especially after the holidays–that chestache has found its way into many, many homes. And hearts, I hope.

Is dating in art school as fun, crazy and interesting as us civilians think it is?
Very much so, emphasis on the crazy. However, I learned many valuable lessons in the process:
1. “Roommates” are the “Do Not Touch” signs of women, horrible ideas that are impossible to resist.
2. Playing two person Texas hold ‘em with a beautiful woman is a dangerous and messy game.
3. If you smile at one long enough, even girls who are best buds with God will run around naked with you on public beaches.
4. Be careful who you draw “Titanic”-style. Muses are very territorial.
5. Don’t think that mental stability has to be a mandatory prerequisite for the people you date. What some lack in sanity, they make up for in…well, there’s no good way to encourage this…but if you don’t make fun, crazy and interesting mistakes, you’re bound to end up awfully normal. Nobody should settle for normal.

What do you like best and hate most about living in Brooklyn?
I see it like this: “That’s so Brooklyn” is used to describe the place and depending on who says it, it can mean underground hip-hop, vintage Instagram-snapping hipsters, ex-Manhattanites with families and everything in between. What I love most about Brooklyn [is that] it’s the beauty of NYC without the claustrophobia of Manhattan. What I hate most about it [are the] vintage Instagram-snapping hipsters. I can get different mixtures just by strolling into a new neighborhood.

If Jay-Z contacted you for a family portrait giving you full rein, what would it be like? No pressure, just preliminary thoughts.
Covering the ceiling of the new Brooklyn Nets dome, Sistine Chapel-style.

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All above art by Sam Spratt, visit his online store to buy prints for your office, bachelor pad or church.