No MIA For Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt

Usually when we talk about a rapper returning to the public eye after an extended hiatus, it’s after a stint in the slammer (see: 2pac, Lil Wayne, T.I., etc.). But for Odd Future‘s youngest member, Earl Sweatshirt, it’s after an extended stay at a Samoan reform school. While the details are still hazy, it seems Earl’s mother grew wary of OFWGKTA‘s hyper-violent, disturbed musical output (which we’re sure was a lot less palatable to her when they weren’t rich and famous from it). So before the group was even a known entity, she sent her son for mental detox at boarding school.

Well the man, the myth is back, with a new song “Home” at his new Tumblr (and a new Twitter account). The acrobatic rhymes and deadpan delivery are back. And at only 1:46, the track leaves us all wanting more. It also leaves us with a few big questions:

1. Will Odd Future truly soar now that (arguably) their most talented MC is back in the mix?

2. How will new Earl react to OFWGKTA’s (and his) new fame?

3. What will Odd Future do with all that “Free Earl” swag?

4. Will they give it to MTV Clutch to raffle off as prizes to readers?

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