Andrew W.K. Discusses The World Snowboarding Championship


Andrew W.K. may seem like all he cares about is when “It’s Time To Party,” making sure people “Party Hard” and that you “Party til You Puke,” but the King of All Parties is actually a motivational speaker, savvy businessman, great producer, the nicest man in rock and heavily involved with the upcoming 2012 World Snowboarding Championship in Oslo, Norway. As the official “rock and roll ambassador,” he has his hand in nearly all of the music associated with the WSC, including their theme song, “Go, Go, Go, Go” (which MTV Clutch premiered in Novembernot to brag or anything). On top of that, when the daily competition is over and the slopes clear out, Andrew is hosting the nightly party, with performances by bands like the  Dropkick Murphys and Turbonegro.

As Andrew W.K. and MTV Clutch prepare to head to Norway this weekend, we got a chance to speak to him about the WSC and his upcoming 10 Year Anniversary “I Get Wet” Tour.

You have a lot going on at the World Snowboarding Championship.
It’s an incredible privilege. There’s no other way I’d be involved with snowboarding. I skied once, but that was a disaster. I have an amazing kind of jaw-dropping respect for these athletes. Getting to be around them is a real privilege because if they asked me to compete, I don’t think I’d last five seconds. I’m in the midst of a lot of different action and it all rotates around amazing talent, an amazing opportunity and having fun. We’ve been working on the event for almost a year now. There’s a real spirit behind the sport and it deserves all the respect we can give it.

What’s special about this competition over others?
There’s an attitude about it that kind of reminds me of skateboarding–a sport created by the athletes on their own terms to have fun and enjoy it. A sport like basketball is definitely fun to play, but you don’t see people that often, especially the professional players, just playing for fun. Don’t get me wrong; basketball is my second favorite sport. But snowboarding reminds me of picking up a guitar, singing to yourself or sitting at a piano and enjoying the pleasure of that feeling. It must be the most amazing feeling in the world.

Why host it in Norway this year?
From what I’ve seen, there’s no more suitable place. It’s the winter sports capital of the world. The town, Oslo, is set up very well for an event. It’s a big city, but small geography-wise. You can get around quite easily and get to the hills quickly. Terje Haakonsen, one of the pioneers in snowboarding, is from Norway. He’s one of the first snowboarders ever. He and so many other Norwegian athletes helped propel this sport quickly. Norway has also been very supportive of the sport.

Where do you think action sports in general are headed?
It seems to me like you want your own moment. You want your own time and you want to be able to carve out a space in a new area. It’s like discovering a new piece of land or island no one knew existed. Here’s this whole new way to use your body and physics and defy the laws of physics. It makes sense that the human body wants to be in motion. It’s a natural impulse. Any new way to experience that sensation is going to appeal to a whole bunch of people. The future will be more challenging, discovering new ways to use body and motion. It seems like human ingenuity is relatively unlimited in terms of coming with new ideas.

What are you most excited about with this year’s WSC?
The whole event is so completely connected in my mind, it’s hard to separate. Some of my dreams have already come true, like getting to see Turbonegro perform in NYC. I think I’m going to be most excited to be around such amazing skill and all the people coming together from all around the world into one place. There’s a feeling of electricity in the air when a bunch of people decide to spend time together for a certain purpose. I’ll be enjoying that euphoric power.

MTV Clutch’s editor Ryan McKee will be attending the World Snowboarding Championships this weekend, so check back for regular post, photos and video from the event!

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