UFC Fighter Nick Diaz Doesn’t Hate Interviews

Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty

Nick Diaz is a fighter’s fighter. He doesn’t care about being a celebrity and would rather fight, go home, count his money and repeat. That is why he’s never embraced the high school beauty pageantry of UFC press tours. In Nick’s eyes, being cordial with your opponent in the public view is “fake” considering you’re about to beat each other bloody. But don’t get it confused; Nick doesn’t hate people. He just hates the pretentiousness of doing press. Good thing we caught up with Nick while he was in a good mood. With his UFC 143 fight against Carlos Condit for the interim title taking place this Saturday, Diaz spoke to us about his love/hate relationship with the press, his opponent getting overshadowed by Georges St-Pierre and why he sounded like such a butt-hole early in his career.

How dangerous of a fighter is Carlos Condit?
He’s more dangerous than most of these fighters out here. If you stand there, he’ll kick you in the face. If the fight goes to the ground, he’s hard to control. I’ve got to give this guy credit. I’d say he’s one of the only guys with a record that’s close to mine. I don’t know who has had tougher opponents but there aren’t a lot of people that have those type of credentials.

Do you think that Carlos is overlooked because everyone keeps talking about you and Georges St-Pierre?
Yeah. It makes me sick. It’s disgusting to have him fighting for this interim title and people are still talking about Georges St-Pierre. St-Pierre isn’t fighting! Carlos Condit is fighting. I don’t like that they pump Georges up. It should be about Carlos and not Georges. It’s his time. That’s just shady.

GSP has gone on record saying how bad he wants to fight you and it seems like he’s creating animosity that might not really be there…
It doesn’t bother me. I feel kind of bad for him because I feel like the UFC is setting him up to do that. Maybe he’s kind of confused right now. I think he might be starting to figure out what his role is and then he can just keep it real from now on.

Recently, you’ve seemed to warm up to the press.
I never had a problem talking to anybody. Nobody ever wanted to talk to me. The first couple years of my career, I was asked about a lot of negative topics and I wouldn’t come off very well. There were some controversial decision losses on my record and I was very bitter about that for quite a while. I came off really hard in those interviews, but I was only 18 then. Nobody has done what I’ve done as far as being the guy that’s 18 and fighting in the UFC, doing interviews, having to explain MMA and jiujitsu. At this point I’ve become better at regurgitating all of this stuff that I’ve already went over so many times.

Does popularity and getting cameras shoved in your face get annoying?
Sometimes. I just don’t appreciate the cameras when they show up and I’m not ready for that. I’m just not ready for that all of the time. When I’m ready, we can do it right, but I’m not trying to half-ass anything. I don’t appreciate when people sneak up on me with cameras. I like to be ready for things.

If you beat Carlos, there’s talk you may have to wait until November to fight GSP, are you fine with that?
I’ve been fighting every three months since I was 16. There are a couple of years where I fought five times. Taking a break isn’t going to harm me. I might actually find a new place to live or a new environment to settle in. The only thing I’m afraid of is making life changes in the middle of fighting. I don’t do that. I just live at home in my same situation because I really don’t have time for change.

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