Hottest Female News Anchors On TV: Part 2

Credit: CNBC

As with any scientific study that unearths shocking findings, our peers in the field have been poring over our in-depth look at the hottest anchor ladies in TV news, which found that Bloomberg, not Fox News, employs the hottest anchor ladies. The folks at Business Insider found our study enlightening, though they had a couple issues with our methodology. Namely, that we ignored CNBC altogether.

Well, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been given a grant by the American Media Studies Fellowship (not real) which will allow us to expand our investigation. Meaning more beer, more TV watching and heretofore unexamined anchors¬†(forgive us, Julie Banderas! You were just such an obvious one that we thought we had already included you).

We must be clear–results of the original study have not been tainted; they are still fair and balanced. With the additions, Bloomberg still comes out on top and MSNBC on the bottom. But CNBC, with eight representatives, passed CNN. We never would’ve guessed the nerds at Bloomberg and CNBC would hire so much eye candy.

Without further ado, the results of our second round of findings: 11 more sexy anchors who we shamefully overlooked before.

Bloomberg (Total now 16)

Sheila Dharmarajan

Credit: Bloomberg TV

Linzie Janis

Credit: Bloomberg TV

Fox News (Total now 14)

Julie Banderas

Credit: Fox News

CNBC (8)

Maria Bartiromo

Credit: Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

Julia Boorstin

Credit: CNBC

Jackie DeAngelis

Credit: CNBC

Amanda Drury

Credit: CNBC

Seema Mody

Credit: CNBC

Becky Quick

Credit: Getty Images/Alex Wong

Courtney Reagan

Credit: CNBC

Kayla Tausche

Credit: CNBC

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