Terrifying Street Art You Don’t Want To See At 3AM [Photos]

Photo: Reddit

Inspired by a Reddit submission of a maddened Jack Nicholson from “The Shining,” we decided to scan the web to see what kind of scary street art tortures unsuspecting or easily scared souls around the world. We were not disappointed by the results.

The submission was titled, “Because some graffiti you don’t want to turn the corner and see at 3 a.m.” Pretty much all of the pieces below meet that criteria. From the profound to perverted, graffiti to wheatpaste, dark to demented, from all around the world–Berlin, Madrid, Los Angeles, Sydney, New York–check out some of the best of scary street art.

Photo: trendhunter

Photo: zug

Photo: trendhunter

Photo: trendhunter

Photo: zug

Photo: downtowntraveler

Photo: Olioscourge

Photo: bloodstainedroses

Photo: unurth

Photo: thedirtfloor

Photo: herosquad

Photo: urbanprankster

Photo: weloveperth

Photo: flikie

Photo: argotandochre

Photo: thetravelants

Photo: visualtherapyonline

Photo: zug

Photo: inventorspot

Photo: globalgraphica

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