20 Breakup Songs For Dudes

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of you are dreading the onslaught of dinner plans and jewelry that your wallet is about to endure. Or you’re shuddering from flashbacks of ex-girlfriends past, the wounds still raw. We’ve all been through breakups, and that two-week recovery phase is critical. Some guys drown their tears in booze while others huddle under a bridge in the rain playing the harmonica. But most of us just start listening to a lot of music, and actually pay attention to the lyrics because we have that lonely guy feeling that “NO, you don’t GET IT, man, this song is speaking directly to ME.” Here are 20 breakup songs to get you over that succubus and back into the game.

Death From Above 1979–“Romantic Rights”

This is great for the anger stage of your grief cycle.

Bon Iver–“Calgary”

Really, any song from Bon Iver is good for your sad stage. C’mon tough guy, crank some indie-feelings rock and have a good cry.

Adele–“Someone Like You”

The guilty pleasure breakup song…let’s just admit it. It’s a great song.

Jay-Z–“On To The Next One”

It is time to move on. Hova’s “99 Problems” is another great one.


You know what, she wasn’t as great as she thought!

Atlas Genius–“Trojans”

Time to stock up on ‘em.

88 Keys–“Stay Up! (Viagra)”

All of these new women may be overwhelming so remember this advice.

Cee Lo–“F*** You”

A happy way to give that bitch the middle finger.

Cobra Starship ft. Mac Miller–“Middle Finger”

The heavier way to give her the extremely liberating one-finger salute.

Fatboy Slim–“Rockafeller Skank”

The new nickname for your ex.

Jason Derulo–“Ridin’ Solo”

Even the members of The Beatles needed to thrive on their own terms.

Justin Timberlake–“What Goes Around”

Crooners do revenge too.

DJ Khaled–“Fed Up”

For when you’re finally fed up with feeling sad and ready to move on.

Meredith Brooks–“Bitch”

Do we really have to explain this one?

Michael Jackson–“Dirty Diana”

Just substitute your ex’s name in the title.

Motley Crue–“Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”

If it makes you feel better, even the kings of strip club rock had their share of heartbreak.

Red Hot Chili Peppers–“My Friends”

An ode to the people who will be trying to get you laid now.

Sleigh Bells–“Comeback Kid”

If this bombastic piece of pop crunch doesn’t inspire your comeback, nothing will.

Twisted Sister–“We’re Not Gonna Take It”

Who knew guys dressed as Rainbow Brite could get you back on your feet?

Bobby McFerrin–“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Timeless advice.