The Sexties: 6 Sexiest Ladies In Their 60s

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There was a time when ladies over 35 weren’t considered sexy…like five years ago. Times have changed. Women are healthier and living longer and staying sexy well into their 60s (or sexties) and beyond. And who’s the hottest sextagenarian woman alive? People magazine doesn’t have an issue dedicated to answering that question, but lucky for you, MTV Clutch is more progressive. Some of the ladies we chose are mothers and some of them are grandmothers. We don’t care. These grandmas got it going on (and not in a weird fetish way).

6. Jessica Lange, 62

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Born in 1949, Jessica Lange made her big screen debut in 1976 as King Kong’s love interest. Most recently, plays the sultry, slightly scary Constance Langdon in FX’s “American Horror Story,” for which she just won a Golden Globe. Recently separated from Sam Shepherd, this GILF is officially back on the market. Happy hunting, Jessica! You’ve earned it.

5. Pam Grier, 62

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Pam Grier became famous in the early 1970s, after starring in a string of women in prison and blaxpoitation films such as 1974’s “Foxy Brown.” Quentin Tarantino‘s “Jackie Brown” revitalized her career in 1997. Lucky for our readers, this cougar’s unmarried and still on the prowl.

4. Meryl Streep, 62

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Meryl Streep is an award-winning sexty. Although, she’s known for being humble about her looks, we feel that she’s aged like a fine wine that can be enjoyed on any occasion. In fact, we think she should “streep” off all the humility and adopt LMFAO‘s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” as her personal theme song. The Oscar Queen just earned another Best Actress nomination for “The Iron Lady.” We’d like to give her an Oscar for being dead sexy. Is it too late to submit our nomination?

3. Susan Sarandon, 65

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Susan Sarandon has played a sexy idiot (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”), sexy man-killer (“Thelma and Louise” ), sexy baseball fanatic (“Bull Durham” ) and even a sexy nun (“Dead Man Walking”), which won her an Oscar. In 2009, she played the sexy mother of Andy Samberg in “Motherlover” and Justin Timberlake gets to do her. Some guys have all the luck.

2. Helen Mirren, 66

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As soon as America became aware of Helen Mirren, we quickly imported this English sex object. In 2006, she finally got the critical respect she deserves by winning an Oscar for “The Queen.” In 2008, Helen reminded the world she’s not only talented, but still super-hot with her red bikini on the beach. She looked better than most 30somethings. Next, she will appear in “Glee” and the untitled Phil Specktor biopic where she will assuredly look sexy. She just can’t help it.

1. Jane Seymour, 60

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Born in 1951, Jane Seymour is a newbie to this exclusive club. Jane’s best known as “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” We highly approve of this show and would let her examine us any day. Maybe she’ll pay us a house call now that we’ve named her the hottest sexty in the world? Which is not why we did it, but would be a nice bonus.

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