13 Lonely Guys Posing With Porn Stars At AVN

If you want to blow your hard earned money going to last weekend’s AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, that’s your business. If you want to spend all your time there posing with porn stars, that’s also your business. But the moment you tweet that photo with the #AVN hastag, it becomes our business. Which means we’re going to post it on this blog. And we’re going to make fun of you.

So if you just spent a weekend posing for pictures with plastic hooters, look below, there might be a picture of you! If you didn’t, look below, there are guys for you to laugh at!

Via @AllanLake

Via @CarlosLasVegas

Via @TexasTeeJ

Via @KendallKarsonXO

Via @PSpinPoker

Via @PSpinPoker again

Via @MistahJR

Via @YukixxMori

Via @crazyfranki56

Via @crazyfrankie56 again

Via @crazyfrankie56 one more time

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