Heems’ ‘Computers’ And 23 Other Songs About Technology

This week Heems from Das Racist dropped his new free mixtape, Nehru Jackets. Like all of Das Racist’s output, it’s weird and hazy and sarcastic and gets better with each listen. The songs are full of clever lyrics, but one track stood out for its irreverent rhymes, “Computers.” In this aptly-titled song, Heems raps, “What’s up with computers?…I love them, I need them, I kick it with them a lot.”

And who can’t relate to kickin’ it with computers? NOBODY, that’s who. So to appease our new computer overlords, we scoured our iTunes libraries (so meta!) and wrangled together 23 other songs about computers, technology and assorted gadgets. In lieu of listing Kraftwerk’s entire catalog, we gave them one representative spot. If you can think of any others, leave them in the comments.

+ 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake–“Ayo Technology

+ Beastie Boys–“Intergalactic

+ The Buggles–“Video Killed The Radio Star

+ Bush–“Machinehead(Not sure what a “machinehead” is but it sounds technological)

+ Chris Brown–“Follow Me Like Twitter

+ Daft Punk–“Robot Rock(No lyrics, but it’s fine because we still know it’s robots making those sounds)

+ David Bowie–“Space Oddity

+ Duran Duran–“Blame the Machines

+ Elton John–“Rocket Man

+ Gary Numan–“Cars

+ The Killers–“Spaceman

+ Kraftwerk–“Home Computer

+ Lady Gaga–“Telephone(Remember when phones were used for calling people?)

+ M.I.A.–“Internet Connection

+ *NSYNC–“Digital Getdown(Surprisingly ahead of their time with the whole cybersex thing!)

+ Pearl Jam–“Do the Evolution

+ Radiohead–“Paranoid Android

+ Robyn–“The Girl and the Robot

+ Savoir Adore–“We Talk Like Machines

+ Styx–“Mr. Roboto

+ Trey Songz ft. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy–“LOL :)

+ Yelawolf–“Radio

And because we had to:

+ Kip Dynamite–“I Love Technology

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