Barack Obama And The Ultimate Politician Supergroup

Politicians are typically some of the most boring, untalented, passionless people on earth. It’s tough to imagine the same person you see standing behind the podium on C-Span, standing behind a microphone, rocking out. There’s a handful of stiff government types that do posses some sense of musical ability, though. To start, our president, Barack Obama. Did you know he could sing? We just found out when we saw him give a timid but pitch-perfect sample of an Al Green song at a fundraising dinner recently. Then we got to thinking that the leader of the free world would probably make a great leader for an all-politician band. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage…

On keys, Condoleezza Rice!

This former Secretary of State is going to be tickling the ivories for you all night long. She’s classically trained and damn mean. Get your ear-holes ready for smooth penetration, Condoleezza Rice, everyone!

On saxophone, Bill Clinton!

He’s got the “I’m no longer president blues.” Ladies, please welcome Bubba, The Comeback Kid, the real first black president, Bill Clinton!

On bass, Mike Huckabee!

You know him from his show on Fox News, but this right-wing maniac once governed Arkansas and ran for President of the United States behind the endorsement of Chuck Norris! Now he’s here to lay down the beat on his fat bass, Mike Huckabee!

On drums, Tipper Gore!

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

You may have seen this former second lady perform in her all-girl high school rock band, The Wildcats, or maybe you’ve seen her drumming with The Grateful Dead. She’s against global warming, but she’s about to make it hot in here…Tipper Gore, everyone!

On guitar, Tony Blair!

This wouldn’t be a rock and roll supergroup without a little representation from the Brits. You know him as the former British Prime Minister, but we know him as a former bartender and mediocre guitarist: Tony “Blues Man” Blair!

On vocals, Barack Obama!

He’s the President of the United States and he’s here to melt your face. He’s promising affordable healthcare, a fair tax plan and a good time. He’s the man with the power to croon and conquer nations. Please welcome to the stage, Barack Obama!

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