MTV Clutch Gives 10 Famous Ladies Ta-Ta-Toos

Behold, Ta-Ta-Toos, the temporary tattoos for your ta-tas (their words, not ours. We prefer the name Cleavage Calligraphy). This is not a joke, it’s a real thing that you can buy with money.

We’re not even going to try to figure out what the pitch meeting was like for this genius combination of skanktastic marketing and raw testosterone, but we’ll gladly use the idea as an excuse to draw on some famous boobies–20 of them, to be exact. At the very least, it’ll give Van Halen something to sing about for their next reunion in 10 years.

Amber Rose



Blake Lively

Jamie-Lynn Sigler


Katy Perry

Natalie Portman

Lady Gaga

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