7 Real-Life Equivalents For JaVale McGee’s Self-Oop

Credit: Getty Images/Rob Carr

On Monday, Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee unleashed his inner “NBA Jam” with this breakaway self-oop off the backboard. Which is fine and cool, except the 1-11 Wizards were down by six when it happened, and about 20 minutes from being 1-12.

While a self-oop looks awesome, it’s kind of a d*** thing to do. To put it in better perspective, we’ve come up with real-life self-oop equivalents that anyone can do.

+Like your own comment on Facebook

+Do curls in a sleeveless shirt while watching yourself in the mirror

+Be your own wingman

+In “Modern Warfare 3,” plant C4 by a doorway, and when an enemy approaches, shoot the C4 to vanquish him, rather than the far-less-flashy tactic of merely shooting said enemy.

+Go to a restaurant, pretend you’re choking and then give yourself the Heimlich using a chair.

+Buy yourself a birthday cake on not-your-birthday.

+Go to a sporting event. Tell the customer information desk that there’s a red Porsche in the parking lot that left its headlights on. When the PA announcer asks for the owner of the red Porsche in section whatever to please see the security desk, stand up and declare, “Oh geez, that’s me. That’s my Porsche. I must’ve left the headlights on. On the totally real Porsche that I definitely own. Guess I’ll go turn them off.”

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