Reasons Why Syd The Kyd Is And Isn’t An ‘Outing’ Authority

Credit: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Last week, LA Weekly’s cover story was about Odd Future‘s first lady, Syd The Kyd. In the interview, Syd discusses a variety of topics, mainly circling around her sexuality. Yes, Syd’s a lesbian. You can see her making out with her girlfriend in the music video “Cocaine” by The Internet, Syd’s side project with OFGKTA member Matt Martian.

In addition to the article, LA Weekly posted cutting room floor quotes from Syd on its blog. The quotes circle around the lack of openly gay urban female artists and targets Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah. So what makes Syd the expert on flying celebrities from the closet? Let’s find out, as we compare what does and doesn’t make Syd the Ambassador of Outing People.

Is an authority: Syd knows her way around that block.

Syd is a native in the same city these women spend a lot of time around, Los Angeles. While it may seem like a huge city, word travels fast through the rainbow grapevine there. If you want to learn secrets about celebrity sexuality, Hollywood’s gay community is the first stop for questions.

Isn’t an authority: Her friends hate on gay people in their music.

While Odd Future may not dislike gay people in real life, Tyler, the Creator drops more F-bombs (the three-letter F-word) in his music than Prince uses the word “sexy.” So maybe Syd doesn’t actually know many gay people if she’s running with a crew that isn’t gay-friendly? You’re only as good as the company you keep, Sydster.

Isn’t an authority: Wendy Williams already tried to be it and failed.

Years back, when Wendy Williams was on New York’s Hot 97, she was obsessed with trying to out gay rappers. If memory (and rumor) serves, Wendy had listeners fax over rapper names and she’d say on-air if that person is hetero or homosexual. She never actually revealed their names though. Finally, she did “out” a rapper, the openly gay Caushun. Who? Yeah, he didn’t catch on.

Isn’t an authority: Those rumors already existed.

Yawn. Old news. Every woman Syd mentioned in her interview has already been flung into that rumor pool. It’s so dated, we might as well read about it on a Live Journal page. If you want to make waves, Syd, stir up rumors about someone new like Nicki Minaj.

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