Pigskin And Heavy Metal Beer On ‘Headbangers Ball’

Headbangers Ball” is back with a vengeance over at MTV2, where host Jose Mangin gives metalheads their weekly dose of heavy riffs and thrashing vocals. And each week we’ll dive into the show for some metal immersion therapy and come back to you with the five most face-melting moments for metal purists and noobs alike.

Jose’s back in the new year on a mission. This week he ran down the biggest metal releases of the year with one of metal’s ultimate insiders, talked brewing techniques with Clutch and even got in a game of touch football with Kyng. Here are the episode’s Face-Melting Five:

1. 2012: The Year Of Metal Revivalism

If you’re wondering what’s on metal’s horizon this year, you gotta watch this interview with Brian Slagel, CEO of Metal Blade Records (dude signed Metallica and Slayer when he was 20). After talking about funneling Jagermeister and drinking Amon Amarth‘s very own beer, Slagel told Jose why he thinks the metal pendulum is swinging back to the more melodic, groove-based sounds of the late ’70s. But that doesn’t mean growlers like Cannibal Corpse and Machine Head are going away.

2. Clutch on Clutch

Most guys love being in a band because they get to travel the world and sample the local betties. Clutch drummer Jean Paul Gaster loves being in a band so he can travel the world and sample the local brews. And we also learned Amon Amarth isn’t the only metal band in the beer game. Clutch partnered with brewers in Colorado to come up with Clutch Dark Sour Ale. Just what you need to take your rager to the next level of badassery.

3. Gridiron Kyngs

The day after their show at the Starland Ballroom, Jose and the dudes from Kyng played a game of pickup football on what appears to be the most beautiful day in Jersey history.

4. Before we usher in 2012’s retro wave, let’s hear from the growlers

Jose spun a couple heavy-as-hell cuts from Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under. There’s nothing wrong with grooving, but sometimes you just need a sludgy, guttural assault to clear your head.

5. Ever wonder what happened to “Head” from Korn?

After converting to Christianity, guitarist Brian “Head” Welch left Korn in 2005 and started making solo Christian-tinged metal. Check out the video for his latest single “Paralyzed” to see what he’s been up to. The thick guitars and heavy-ass, growling bridge are undeniably Korny, but the chorus is more melodic than his former bandmates’ fare.

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