Swag-tastic Rappers From ‘MADE’ Season 11

Hip-hop’s battlegrounds are a difficult place to hang in. They’re full of rappers that spit better, a hating audience and opportunities that can be missed with the slightest slip-up in rhyme. On Season 11 of MTV’s “MADE,” they featured six episodes of veteran rappers coaching young wannabes in the game. It’s a crash course with boot-camp style training, and by the end, the students have sharp enough skills up to hop onstage and strut their stuff. But really, will we ever hear any of these six names again? We pick our top three favorites and break down their swagger and potential for future success.


Rap Name: “London”
Rap Coach: Rah Digga
Swag Factor (on a scale of 1-5): 3.5
Jermaine is more diva than thug, channeling the likes of Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj (sorry ladies, we put you in the same sentence together). At the start of his big debut at “Hustle & Flow,” he asks the crowd: “Where my bad bitches at?” Err, OK. Jermaine does get some street cred though. After all, he battled a scorching case of strep throat and still picked up the mic. He even betrayed his rap coach Rah Digga’s trust a few times on the show, totally a gangster move. So does London have the skills to travel the world? Maybe, if he looks good in a long blonde wig.
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Rap Name: “Feminemma”
Rap Coach: P.L.
Swag Factor: 1.75
Eminem might not be pleased with some random bird calling herself “Feminemma,” but that’s neither here nor there. If there’s a white rapper we can compare her to, it’s Vanilla Ice–especially with all of the flack she got during this episode with disrespecting black culture. Here’s a girl who eats pizza with a knife and a fork, has a role model like Audrey Hepburn and wrote poems (think Emily Dickinson, not Saul Williams). With some shady (no pun intended) rap lyrics like, “I’m so dope, I’m cleaner than soap,” and “I’m the black swan,” Feminemma will only make it as be a backup dancer for Ke$ha.
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Rap Name: “Rafeezy”
Rap Coach: Killer Mike
Swag Factor: 4.75
Being a little person, Rafael could easily be compared to Bushwick Bill, but he actually looks more like a mini-J.Cole slash Drake. He may be shy a few inches, but by the end of the episode, he is definitely up a few bars. Sounding more like a spoken word poet than an emcee at the beginning, “Rafeezy” found his way and looked 10 feet tall. He definitely could make it in this game; he cried a few times (Hi, Drake!) and even had a passionate breakdown before his performance (we see you, Kanye!). Sure, he wishes he could be a little bit taller…but, so did Skee-Lo and at least he got one hit out of it.
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