7 Imagined Features In Will.I.Am’s New Car, IAMAUTO

Black Eyed PeasWill.i.am told Jay Leno that he’s starting his own car company called IAMAUTO. His intent is to create more jobs in his birthplace of East Los Angeles while also fulfilling his need to live in a more “TRON”-like world. The car is a futuristic sporty ride built on a Chrysler chassis using a lot of OEM parts. That will ensure this concept-looking ride remains street legal when it ends up in mass production.

Will.i.am didn’t give Leno any details on the starting price, or when it will be available to the super-rich public, or any of the car’s other features besides the signature Beats By Dr. Dre sound system. Luckily, we’re experts at making wild guesses on what selling points an automobile designed by a mildly insane celebrity will offer. Here are seven features we imagine the IAMAUTO cars will include.

+ Four velvet-covered bucket seats: one for each Black Eyed Pea, with an “eject” option in case you want to go solo.

+ Built-in hard drive with extensive preloaded music library…but it only plays “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow” on a loop.

+ Intense soundproofing: people can’t tell you’re listening to two Black Eyed Peas’ songs on a loop.

+ Stain-resistant upholstery: excitable Fergie is prone to spilling drinks and wetting herself.

+ Furry boots: four pairs included; driver and all passengers must wear them or the car won’t start.

+ Five video screens: only play footage from the epically awkward B.E.P. Superbowl performance.

+ Cool driving helmets: give you helmet hair in the shape of Will.i.am’s lopsided hi-top fade.

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