7 Unappetizing Movie-Inspired Junk Foods

With the impending release of “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” in 3-D, Buzzfeed pointed out that French fast-food chain Quick has unveiled the black-bunned Darth Vader burger. DO NOT WANT! Is the bun black because it’s as charred as Vader’s skin? This French abnormality is just the latest in a long line of junk food movie tie-ins, and it may very well be the grossest of them all. Here are six more examples of misguided movie-inspired junk food.

“Sherlock Holmes” 7-11 Taquitos


We’ll leave it to Holmes and Watson to uncover whatever awful clue it is that leads one to eat those rolled-up colon blasters.

“Star Trek” Waffles

star trek waffles

For the person who thought, “Ya know, I like waffles, but they’d be better with an ink stamp on them.” We love how the box proudly states “Limited Edition,” as if that matters for something that’s about to get broken down in your stomach.


Perhaps no food item from the ’80s is more fondly remembered. Is it because of the green novelty? The Slimer nostalgia? Whatever it is we miss, we know it’s not the flavor. Ecto-Cooler tasted like Sunny D and Sunny D sucks. The best thing about it was that it came in small drink boxes, so there wasn’t a lot to drink.

The Grillenium Falcon


This food truck in Arkansas serves up Star Wars-themed grilled cheeses like the Cheebacca. As clever and kitschy as the concept is, do you want the image of a big hairy beast as you bite into a sandwich?

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal

From Ralston-Purina (yes, that Purina) comes the cereal that’s horrifically reminiscent in color and shape to puppy chow.¬†Seems Ralston-Purina should’ve stuck to dog food.

“Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” Cereal

Prince Of Thieves Cereal

Of course, Ralston-Purina didn’t stick to dog food, and they threw together the penis-arrows of this cereal, which was the only thing blander than Kevin Costner’s performance as Robin of Loxley.

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