7 Ridiculous Celebrity Memorabilia Available Online Now

Yesterday BuzzFeed highlighted 7 ridiculous things that you can buy online RIGHT NOW, including a gigantic $2,000 hamburger and an $85,000 panda chair. It must be a difficult choice between 42 humongous burgers and one panda chair. The post got us wondering what kind of perverse celebrity memorabilia exists online for purchase. What we found may surprise you, unless you’re the type of person who collects Sisqó memorabilia or signed wrestler’s underwear.

Black Ken doll transformed into Sisqó doll–$85.50

Credit: eBay

Small price to pay for someone’s making a “Thong Song” vision a reality. (Buy it)

Hulk Hogan’s ring-worn autographed trunks–$7,500

Credit: eBay

Worn in numerous matches in the WWF and on Pay-Per-View in the ’80s. Possibly even washed between wearings too! (Buy it)

‘N’ from Andrew Bynum’s game-worn jersey–$450

Credit: eBay

The best part is that this seller is also auctioning the “U” for $450, so you can purchase both and get 2/5 of his name for $900. (Buy it)

Terry Crews autographed picture from ‘White Chicks’–$60

Credit: Sports Memorabilia

Two priceless facial expressions from the film “White Chicks,” preserved in time forever with Crews’ autograph that looks like he fell asleep with pen in hand. (Buy it)

Chair used by Beyoncé during photo shoot–$2,500

Credit: eBay

Or get it on Etsy sans autograph for about $450. (Buy it)

37 Vanilla Ice 1990 negatives and photos–$49.97

Credit: eBay

OK, that’s actually a pretty good deal. (Buy it)

Tebow Tebowing Fathead — $99.99

Credit: Fathead

OK, this one was totally predictable. (Buy it)

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